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Cavalor Artitech banner

Product Information : Cavalor Artitec

/**/ What sets Cavalor Artitec ahead of the pack? Joint supplements - the market is awash with them...
Harcour AW17 - 4

Harcour’s winter collection IS fashion

Harcour has just launched its new Winter 2017 Collection which is already a huge success. Designed to resist cold winters, the equipment is essential...
White Horse Sleeping In A Field

Feeding the metabolically challenged horse

“Metabolically challenged” simply means that the horse is in a physiological state where certain metabolic functions (e.g. nutrient metabolism, hormonal and immune function) are compromised, possibly leading to a variety of health issues.
Horse Sweating

Electrolytes – A hype or a must?

Summer or Winter, when horses sweat they need to replenish their electrolytes. Some equestrians feed them to their horses daily, while others only feed them in extreme heat or during a strenuous competition. But when do horses need those extra electrolytes, and why?
Bombers titanium header

Bombers go Titanium!

The massively popular Bombers Bits range, hand made in South Africa is diversifying into Titanium bits. Specifically NOT to remove the traditional sweat iron range,...
Cavalor Fiberforce sample

Product Review : Cavalor FiberForce

The horse in nature If our horses could decide how to pass the time of day themselves, they would spend between 10 and 16 hours...
Bomber Bits Video screen shot

Bomber Bits : The Single Break Bits

Starting with basic of dressage legal bits, our single joint loose ring snaffle is curved and the link offset both of which reduce the...
Sunshine and thermocool 1

Product Review : LeMieux Thermo-cool Rug

The Le Mieux Thermo-Cool rug is sold as climate control for horses, so let us see how it works in practise.

Equiline SS17 promises to wow

The Equiline SS17 collection is due in store within the next couple of weeks, and it promises to stun with gorgeous materials and colours. Jackets...

Product Information : Equiline S1 Safety Stirrup

SAFE RIDING is an innovative system of stirrups that combines safety, comfort, elegance and endless possibilities of customisation all into one.

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Where the idea came from Leg shapes change and also requirements change. Sometimes you need an extra pair of socks, somethings you legs swell. The...
Orscana - 605video

Orscana – Monitor your horse at rest

INSIGHT INTO YOUR HORSES EVERYDAY LIFE /**/ Inspired by advances in human health monitoring by using cutting edge...