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Equine Feeds and Feeding are a minefield that often confuse horse owners, professional and amateur alike. Every brand is fighting for your attention and often as a result your horse is the loser. High protein, low protein, high carbs, low carbs, high starch, low starch etc. Where on earth does it all end!? We review and test every brand in the store to ensure that we know it does in practise, what it says it does in the advertising. We also discuss some of the common problems in equine feeding and some of the myths that exist on a practical level, helping you to make a more informed decision away from the marketing. The main brands we discuss are Cavalor and PAVO as our experience tells us these are two of the best on the market. Other brands do, of course, exist but are no in use with our partners

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The Glycemic Index of Cavalor Feeds

There has been a considerable debate in the equine community regarding starch and sugar levels in horse feeds. Like fibre and fat, starch and...
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Gut Health

You want your horse to be happy and healthy so it can perform at its best. But, did you know it all starts with...
Equine Pituitary glandvideo

Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Ever heard of Equine Metabolic Syndrome? Know the symptoms & signs and discover how you can treat this disease. Prevent unnecessary suffering and give...
Cavalor Fiberforce sample

Product Review : Cavalor FiberForce

The horse in nature If our horses could decide how to pass the time of day themselves, they would spend between 10 and 16 hours...
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Feeding the older horse

A horse’s body starts to change at approximately 18 years of age, just like ours do as we advance in years. The digestive system becomes less efficient and nutrients are not as easily digested or absorbed.
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Controlling Ulcers

Ulcers are the buzz word in horse performance these days. There doesn't a day go by when someone tells me their horse has ulcers or symptoms. And...

Product Comparison : Muesli or Cube

In this short article we attempt to demystify the choice between a mix and a cube based feed

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