Product Review : LeMieux Thermo-cool Rug

Guest reviewer Izzy Lickley introduces us to the Le Mieux Thermo-cool rug and its amazing benefits.

Sunshine and thermocool 1
Showing the great fit around the shoulders and the depth of the rug to help keep the ponies warm

Product : Thermo-cool Rug

Rug Size : 5’9’’

Pony Size : 146 cms

The Le Mieux Thermo-Cool rug is sold as climate control for horses, so let us see how it works in practise.

My First Impression

My first impression is that this is a really well made rug. It feels solid and the clips all feel good quality.

The Fit and features

Here you can see the quality of the attachments and the adjustability

We fitted the rug to my pony Sunshine, and I have to say it really did look great. I like the colour.

I was a little uncertain about burgundy as sometime I don’t like the shade, but this is a strong colour and certainly goes well with a bay pony.

The front attachments are clips and adjustable buckles so there is plenty of room to make bigger or smaller depending on the size of your horse or pony. (Picture here also shows the Lycra hood which I review in another product blog)

Unlike the Thermatex rugs we have, the cut of the shoulder is much better and I don’t think these rugs will fall back and get tight over their withers. This is a problem with ponies as they don’t have much wither and can get rubs.

I think Le Mieux have taken from their experience in making saddle cloths in the design of this as the fit over the back and withers is super.

This rug has an integrated Carbon cooler

Along the side of the rug there is a black stitched seam, which I think is there to help the rug keep its shape as well as attaching the carbon cooler insert.

We already use the normal Carbon Coolers every day and find them very useful around the yard.

We also use them under the Four Seasons rugs for travelling – and I think this rug will do the job of both.

There is also a fur pad right underneath the withers.

The rug is finished off with a removable fillet string to stop it blowing over the ponies head in wind or when travelling!

The rug is deep so it covers Sunshine well, stopping drafts and keeping her nice and warm.


My pony is a little difficult as she is probably a 5’6’’ but has very muscled shoulders so normally needs the 5’9’’

You might say that it could perhaps have done with being a size smaller for the length (looking at the photos), but the problem we have with her is that when it is a smaller size it is too tight in the shoulders.

Using the rug

I love the fact that the surcingles totally come off, with makes this rug useful for walking in before exercise and cooling off afterwards.

It is a really important safety feature, as knotting surcingles is not ideal – they can come undone or catch on your ponies legs.

Sunshine got hot during our lesson the other day and the Thermo-Cool really helped her to cool down and wicked the sweat away without her catching a chill.

I used the rug in training, before and after work.

She had it on again after wash off to see how it coped with a washed horse. The rug did a really good job of getting the wet off her but still keeping her warm.

I think this is a very useful rug to have as it can be used for many things.

Great as a walking in and cooling off rug, cooler, travel rug on cooler days and probably would work well under a stable rug when you need more than a summer sheet.

I will definitely be packing this on my travels this year.

The Mum wash test!

Mum always washes the horse things on 30deg. The rug washes well and the binding doesn’t shrink. Mum says don’t put anything with velcro on it in the same wash as it will stick to the rug. The Carbon cooler bit doesn’t like velcro as it snags it.

I’m going to be getting a lot of use out of my Thermo-Cool rug over this winter and will report back later on in the season about how it is getting on.


The ponies will be definitely putting this on their Christmas lists this year.

The rug is priced at £69.95 and is amazing value for money.

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