We have used the Trust rugs at Kingswood for more than 8 years now – and indeed still have the very first batch of rugs purchased.

The most important thing to say about them, innovation aside, is that they are unbelievable quality.

To date we have had one small rip and one strap removal. Across the 10+ rugs in service for 8 years that is no mean feat by modern quality standards.

The second thing to say is that they really do bring a whole new approach to the design of the rug.

The patented Tetris system consists of what can only be described as a life jacket arrangement to the neck and withers area.

It is specially designed to keep all pressure from that vital wither area at all times.

I can tell you from experience, the difference this makes is the single biggest selling point for the rug.

Just take a minute to go put your hand under the withers of your horses with his rugs on. Not immediately, but first thing in the morning when they have had a chance to roll around and sleep in them.

I was absolutely shocked at the downward pressure. On one horse I literally could not slide my hand under the withers.

If that was a saddle?

Shoulder rubbing is another problem. Now I have to say, hand on heart, that these rugs (indeed no rugs) totally eliminate this problem, especially around the time of year when the coats are changing. But these massively reduce this on anything but the widest horses.

In practise we have one horse that rubs and he does it in any rug you can think of.

The rug is deep enough and comes in two weights. If necessary we double up with a medium weight under and a heavy weight over on the very coldest of days.

If you do this though beware that the top most rug will need to be a size bigger than normal otherwise it will come up too short.

And indeed, on the subject of sizing, you might need to consider a bigger size from the off.

When the rug is not clamped down on the withers and shoulders we tend to find all but the narrowest of horses need a larger size.

For example, our 148 ponies are in 6ft rugs (the smallest they make) and do not look out of place at all.

Front fittings are simple and just work. We have never wished they were more complicated.

Again, because of the technology and the fit, adjustable front straps are unnecessary.

Velcro on the front flap ensures the front stays snug, and because there is also no pressure on the breast of the horse the general comfort is increased.

How much do they cost? Well you would be forgiven for thinking these are the most expensive on the market but you would be wrong.

The stable rugs come in two weights – a heavyweight version with 400g of filling come in at just under £140.00 (£139.99)

The medium weight – perfect for extra warmth in the winter and also for those transition periods spring and autumn is 150g and come in at around £15 less – £124.99




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Rob is a director of Equitain and also Kingswood Equestrian Centre. As a Medical Biochemist he takes an interest in all aspects of performance of the horse from a nutritional and saddlery perspective. Areas of speciality : Nutrition, Bitting, Saddlery


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