Product Comparison : Muesli or Cube


A very common question we are asked by clients looking for feeding advice.

This helpful video from PAVO aims to provide a brief insight into both feeding ideas.

All things being equal, the main consideration for choice is often cost.

Mixes are normally in lighter weight bags for the same cost and so are more expensive per Kg.

The benefits of feeding mixes mainly relate to the time taken to chew the feed by the horse and also the ability to have a slightly lower sugar content – as the mix doesn’t required added molasses to bind into the pellet.

The horse may also sift through the mix in a slightly more natural way.

PAVO have addressed a couple of these concerns in the following ways.

  1. PAVO pellets are 8mm in diameter – this is proven to encourage more chewing and a longer time in the mouth than more common 5mm cubes
  2. The manufacturing process is advanced and the added molasses is kept to a minimum

In general, our advice is to feed a cube unless your horse needs a very low sugar ration, in which case we recommend Care4Life or Natures best mixes.

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Rob is a director of Equitain and also Kingswood Equestrian Centre. As a Medical Biochemist he takes an interest in all aspects of performance of the horse from a nutritional and saddlery perspective. Areas of speciality : Nutrition, Bitting, Saddlery


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