Preview : Kingsland SS17

Can Kingsland follow on from its success of Winter 2016 in this summer collection? Certainly a few items caught our attention.



More than a little due to Charlotte, who has put a more classic slant on the product, Kingsland has seen somewhat of a resurgence in the store in the last collection – Winter 2016/7.

Building on this doesn’t appear to be something Kingsland are doing unfortunately as the recent winter viewing for 2017/18 had but 4 items from the CD collection in it.

We are quite specific about what we choose. The item must be functional, stylish and a fair price for a good quality garment.

Summer 2017 was a little slim on the pickings for us, however we have identified a couple of lines of clothing that we feel represent our ethos.

The Albany Ladies fleece jacket is a super garment. Good quality and stylish in an excellent choice of stretchy fleece material. Nice subtle embroidery and a quality YKK zipper on the front.

And at £99 it represents excellent value for money.

It is going to be a very handy addition to your summer wardrobe and the price is great.

The other item from the collection that we felt deserved representation in store is the Hopedale polo shirt.

A summer version of the very popular Whyallae winter polo shirt.

In a knitted piquet fabric with summer knitted mesh sides and the CD logo, this is going to be a super staple for those smarter occasions – training or at shows.

The stand up collar is always popular and the Hopedale comes in a choice of 3 lovely colours. A pale blue – called Blue Heather, a pale pink – Pink Ballet Slipper and Cobalt blue.

The latter could be interesting as the sample image looks far from Cobalt bright blue, but more a strong navy.

The image could be correct, but then again Kingsland do have a slight reputation for changing things after the fact!

I could not possibly finish without what could be the last in the popular and stylish Kingsland stock pins.

We believe they will not be made any more – indeed there were none in Winter 2017 collection.

A swan song you might say – but as always a very beautiful item that will make a super addition to vary your show attire in the coming season.

The gorgeous Gaspe brooch is priced at £35 and as such compares favourably with other offerings on the market.

We can expect Kingsland to be arriving in stores from the 23rd February running through to end of April.

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