De Niro Raffaello Rondine Laces Special

Where the idea came from

Leg shapes change and also requirements change. Sometimes you need an extra pair of socks, somethings you legs swell. The De Niro Raffaello Rondine Laces Special is the answer.

There are, of course, boots on the market that have elasticated backs to overcome this. It is also possible to just grin and bare it.

However, the full lace front is an elegant and inexpensive (compared to buying new boots!) way to ensure that you dressage specific boots always fit perfectly.

Designed and tested by us

Every now and then we come up with something that we think is worth of featuring, and this boots is a design we have been working on for a while now.

Nicky had the first pair about 2 years ago and since then numerous clients have requested this as a custom item.

Based on the Raffaello Rondine, the all new “Laces Special” features a number of design adaptations to make this probably the most versatile dressage boot around.

Functional and easy from the box

First thing to say is that the laces are 100% functional. So any deviation in your leg size can be swiftly accounted for.

Second (and most important!) thing on a practical level is that the laces can be left well alone during the putting on process, and like the regular boot there are full frontal zips.

The boots are hard on the outside – they keep their shape beautifully and the high bow gives the super elegant dressage line.

The inside is reinforced in regular not brushed leather so it will wear better in use.

The front zipper ensures that you can quickly and easily put them on and take them off – the laces for the most part will stay as initially set up for you.

Keeping the price simple

We have come up with an all inclusive simple price for the boot in response to the sometime very complicated price structure!

So its quite simple. The price for the boot includes everything you see on the boot.

  • Base boot
  • Rondine top in your choice of Greta (like the photo), patent, lucidi (croc patern) or brushed like the boot
  • Full frontal laces
  • Front zipper
  • Inside leather panel
  • Hard outside of boot
  • Toe cap brogue finish

In order to keep it easy we have additionally offered EITHER of these two choices


  1. Made to measure size perfect to you – delivered in around 8-10 weeks OR
  2. Off the peg size but a rushed order – delivered to our store in 4 weeks (and the obviously onward shipping time to your door)


All DeNiro boots come with an inclusive 12 month guarantee subject to you completing and returning the enclosed card


The boots come in a box with inclusive inflatable boot trees, a boot bag and a tub of cleaner.

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Rob is a director of Equitain and also Kingswood Equestrian Centre. As a Medical Biochemist he takes an interest in all aspects of performance of the horse from a nutritional and saddlery perspective. Areas of speciality : Nutrition, Bitting, Saddlery


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